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Send money home to your loved ones at the click of a button across Africa. We're currently available only in Ghana. We'll be expanding to new African countries soon.
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Bulk Payments

Streamline Your Business Transactions

Brassica  Bulk Payments is a payment platform that serves businesses. Businesses can use the platform to send money from their account to many recipients at the same time. The aim of the product is to provide the most secure, most reliable, and most convenient payment platform that supports the operational payment needs of businesses

Through Brassica Bulk Payments, Brassica deploys its strategy of supporting businesses with the most secure, reliable, easy-to-use, but affordable payment platform. To create real value for businesses, the platform comes with customizability that allows businesses to tweak the platform to suit their peculiar needs.


Simplify Your Bill Management

Brassica’s Prepaid Meter Charging Solution is a solution that allows all ECG customers to top-up power onto their prepaid meters using the Brassica App and any other Digital Payment Channel (Mobile  Payment Apps and POS) provided by their Financial Institution or Payment Service Providers. The solution has three components

Offline Prepaid Meter Charging – this allows all ECG customers on prepaid meters that cannot buy prepaid online to now buy power from the comfort of wherever they are on the Brassica App. This component of the solution uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and Card Reading technology for topping up power. The other two components are online and postpaid. Using the Brassica App, customers can pay for these 3 categories of prepaid meters.


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ECG Prepaid Meter Top Up
ECG Prepaid Meter Top Up
Brassica App

Quick and Easy

Brassica Pay's APP service offers a secure and convenient way for businesses to accept payments from customers. With our app, you get:

High-Level Check Spend - Customers at any given point in time can check what they spend their money on most.

High Level Security features - Brassica App is secured with some of the world’s most secure security technology and equipment.

User Friendliness - Brassica App is very simple and easy to use and brings a lot of convenience to customers.

High Reliability - Brassica App is an all-weather functional app

Variety - Brassica App has a variety of services. Customers can buy power for any prepaid meter, send money, and buy data and airtime.

Network/Bank Agnostic - Using Brassica App, customers can make payments and buy airtime and transfer money to recipients on o different banks and on different networks. Transfer

Remit Payments

Effortless Cross-Border Transactions

Brassica Pay's Remit Payments service facilitates seamless and secure cross-border transactions, enabling individuals and businesses to send money and receive funds internationally with ease. Our platform offers competitive exchange rates and minimal transaction fees, making it a cost-effective solution for remittances.

Whether you're sending money to family members abroad, paying overseas suppliers, or receiving payments from international clients, our Remit Payments service ensures that your funds are transferred quickly and securely. With Brassica Pay, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transactions are in good hands.

Mobile Top-Ups

Stay Connected with Instant Mobile Recharge

With Brassica Pay's Mobile Top-Ups service, you can instantly recharge your mobile phone or that of a loved one, ensuring that you always stay connected. Our platform supports top-ups for all major mobile networks, allowing you to recharge your prepaid mobile account with ease.

No more trips to the store or waiting in line – with Brassica Pay, you can complete your mobile top-up in just a few clicks, anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of instant mobile recharge and never run out of credit again.

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