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Frequently Asked Quetions

When I try to do a payment, I keep waiting for the Mobile Money prompt but it doesn't pop up

Please confirm if you have money in your mobile money account. You can also dial your mobile money code to see pending approvals and approve your transaction from there.

When I bought power, i got a successful message on the Brassica pay App, but when I showed the card to the meter, it says error /bad

Unfortunately you may have to visit the ECG office to have it checked

When I bought power, the whole process went through but the meter wasnt loaded and got a notification to check my power app for refund. What is the power app

Power App is the ECG app for refunds, ECG pays refunds to that app. Kindly download the power app on playstore and access your refunds in the wallet

How do I retreive a receipt I did not save after the transaction, or saved it but it disappeared from my gallery?

You can generate old receipts from your transaction history in the Brassica pay App. Click on that top up and select the generate receipt option

Will the Brassica pay App still work when the network in my neighborhood is poor quality ?

The Brassica pay App works with 2G /Edge signals and above. The app should work in most cases, regardless of where you are

If I buy power twice for the same online meter, can I enter the tokens in any order, or it has to be the first one first

Please enter the tokens in accordance to the order in which you received them (i.e. enter the first one before the second). Sometimes, some tokens include updates. If you don�t enter it, the second one will not respond

During a transaction, My phone went off when my meter's new information was being written onto to my card. What happens to the information?

When you power on your phone, please check your pending transactions in the Brassica pay App to see if the transaction is still there. If it's still there, you can re-write the buffer onto your card

Do i need to show the card to the meter anytime i want to buy power?

Yes, always show or slot the card into the meter when you want to buy power

What happens if I enter a wrong token more than once.

Your interface will be locked temporarily. If you persist, it will be locked permanently

My balance shown as available credit when I try to buy power is wrong, what can I do ?

Please check your meter to get the actual balance. Sometimes ECG updates for the meter balance does not reflect immediately

Can i buy power more than once on the Brassica pay App with the same Meter Card, on the same day?

Yes, you can. However, ensure you have downloaded the previous purchase unto the meter before you attempt another transaction.

Anytime I buy power, I receive a token about 12 digits long. This time, its about 30 digits. Is it a mistake ?

No, it is not a mistake. Occasionally, ECG releases long tokens to reflect tariff adjustments or other updates

When I bought power, I got an SMS to saying it was successful, but it hasn�t reflected on my meter

If a token was sent to you (for Online meters), then please enter it into the meter. If not, please wait for a while for the power to reflect

When I tried to buy power, my cash was deducted but I did not receive the SMS for any successsful transaction, what should I do ?

If you have not received the SMS, you can check your receipts or generate a receipt for that transaction when you go to transactions in the Brassica App

When I buy power for someone who has an online meter, will the token be delivered to me or the meter owner ?

The token is delivered to the phone number that bought the power. You can forward it to the person whom you bought the power for

When I am told my meter needs an update. Can it be done from your Brassica pay App ?

No please, All technical updates are performed by ECG.

Can I use the Brassica pay App to buy power for another person even if they are not around ?

Yes, when the person's meter is an Online meter. If the person has a meter that uses a Card, you will need to have the card with you and know the Meter number and in some cases the Account number

Can I add multiple meters to my account on the Brassica pay App ?

Yes, you can

Will the sensor work while my phone's case is on ?

It should work mostly. But if the protective cover is too heavy, it may not work. You may have to remove the cover when you want to buy power and put it back once you're done

Is there a specific part of my NFC phone that has the NFC sensor?

It is usually around the back camera of your phone

The flap on my NFC reader has become loose. Will the reader still work? How can I get it changed

Yes, the reader will work. Esure the card is stable on the reader. Once the LED sesnor light comes on on the card reader, the reader is still functional. If not, please report to where you purchased it from for further action

I have an iphone, do I still need a card reader ?

Yes, you need to purchase a bluetooth card reader

My phone is android and does not have a type C USB slot.. How do I use your card reader ?

Please request for a USB convertor from the nearest ECG office

How do I turn on my phones NFC ?

when you find NFC in the connections, enable the toggle

How do I know If my phone has NFC or not ?

Go to settings on your phone and look under connections or type NFC in the search area

When I enter my meter number and the name that appears on the account is not the same as whats on my old receipt. What should I do?

Check if the meter number is entered correctly. Check if there are alphabets preceding the meter number on the old receipt. If the meter number you entered is correct, then tap Not Me. Add the meter's account number in the field that opens when you tap Not Me. You can get your meter's account number on an old receipt. If all hese fail, you would have to contact the Call Center for assistance

When verifying my identity during Registration but my front camera is spoilt. Can I use my back camera or upload a photo from my gallery ?

Yes! You can use the back camera of your phone, but you cannot upload any image from your gallery

Where can I find my Meter number & Account number

You will be able to find it on an old receipt. Aside this, you can also try looking for it on your meter. It is usually on the Meter interface

When I uninstall and reinstall the Brassica pay App, will I still get my account information ( transaction history, dashboard, etc)

Yes, you will still have access to your account details

Can I use the Brassica pay App when I have not registered for Mobile Money service? Or can I use the Brassica pay App to register for mobile money service ?

if you have a Bank Account you can add it as your source of fund on the Brassica pay App, if not, you would have to register with the Mobile Money service with the Telcos and add it as a source of funds on the Brassica pay App

Do i need to put space/hyphen(-) between the alphabet (P/G,etc) and the numbers when entering my meter number on the Brassica pay App ?

Please enter alphabets and numerals togetther, if not, account details will not work on the Brassica pay App

How do I know if my meter is prepaid or postpaid

When you receive bills at the end of the month, it is Postpaid, if you need to buy before you use, its Prepaid

When I have a new phone and want to install the Brassica pay App, will my account work on both old and new phones

Yes, the Brassica pay App will work on both phones

I did not receive the OTP when I first entered my phone number so I tried again, now I have 2 OTPs, which one should I enter ?

You would have to enter the OTP with the latest message

When I am try to create an account on the Brassica pay App, I do not receive the OTP on my phone.

Please check if your message inbox if full or not. Also check if you can do a Resend PIN before contacting the Call Center

When I have an older version of an Android or IOS operating system on my phone, will the Brassica pay App work ?

If you use an android phone, you need to be on android version 5 or higher before you can download, install and use the app. If you an iphone, you need to be on iOS version 13 or higher to be able to download, install and use the app

Will customers with Huawei phone download the Brassica pay App ?

Customer will have to download Google playstore and install the Brassica pay App from the play store

How/Where do I download the Brassica pay App ?

You will have to download from the Google Play store for Android users and the Apple store for i-phone users.

Does the Brassica pay App work on a tablet ?

Yes, the Brassica pay app works on Android/ IOS tablets

Does the Brassica pay App work on a windows mobile device?

No please. The Brassica pay App is not yet available on windows devices

Will I be able to download the Brassica pay App from Google playstore or Apple store if I am outside Ghana ?

No please, you can't access it in the Google playstore or the Apple store

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