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Treat both your business and your customers to the convenient experience of having to pay or receive money from any telecoms network or bank in Ghana.

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Experience ease of money transactions for your business and customers

Easy Integrations

The days of using weeks for API integration are long gone. With Brassica Pay’s APIs, you get to integrate within hours once commercial documents are verified and approved. Our integration takes you through quick, easy steps that set you and your business up for success
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Receive and Send Money with Secure,
Reliable and Trusted APIs

Ensure your business stays ahead by integrating with Brassica Pay's trusted APIs, which provide secure and reliable support for your operations.Your business should not be left out. Brassica Pay’s trusted APIs support your business operations in the most secure and reliable way.
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Support Decision-Making with Detailed
and Accurate Reports

With Brassica Pay's APIs, you gain access to real-time, comprehensive, and precise transaction reports, empowering you to make well-informed decisions that benefit your business.Brassica Pay’s APIs provide you withreal-time, detailed and accurate reports on all transactions, helping your make the best of decisions in the interest of your business.
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Best–in–Class Security

Ensure utmost security for your business and customers through a payment experience that fortifies all transactions and data using some of the world's most trusted and effective security systems and measures.Secure your business and your customerswith a payment experience that secures all transactions and data with some ofthe worlds most trusted and effective security systems and measures.
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Easy Customer Payments, More Sales

Delight your customers with a seamless and pleasant payment experience, facilitated by Brassica Pay's merchant API, which effortlessly supports sales of any volume. Provide your customers with an easy and delightful payment experience using Brassica Pay’s merchant API that supports sales of any volume!
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Seamless Transactions for Everyone!

Experience the ease and convenience of seamless transactions with Brassica Capital, designed to cater to the unique needs of both developers and merchants. Our innovative platform simplifies payment processing and integration, ensuring a secure, and hassle-free financial management platform.

Receive Money with Ease:
Secure, Reliable, Instant.

Discover the ultimate convenience and unmatched security when receiving money with our cutting-edge platform. Designed to provide a seamless and reliable experience, we've made transferring funds both effortless and worry-free.

Transform Your Platforms with Effortless Payment Transactions!

Discover the power of simplicity with our user-friendly approach to building top-notch payment platforms. At Brassica Pay, we streamline the process, making it easy for anyone to create secure and efficient payment solutions.