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Brassica Group LLC is a business committed to transforming the financial landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa. We bring together leading technology brands and card scheme operators to create an unparalleled financial ecosystem. We aim to develop and promote digital platforms for payment-processing services embedded with micro-Investments and personal financial aggregation services.

Technology Innovation

At Brassica Group, we believe in the power of technology innovation in simplifying and transforming lives. Brassica Group is on a mission to  provide the most secure, most reliable and trusted payment solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Creating Financial Freedom

At Brassica Group, we believe financial freedom should be a right and not a privilege and so we make investing an everyday culture. We empower people to create wealth on the go, achieve financial freedom, and take control of their lives, and that of their loved ones. 

Security & Compliance

We are uncompromising in our resolve to ensure that our subsidiaries are compliant with all relevant statutory and industry regulations. We go a step further to ensure that we adopt and use the best security standards in the industries in which we operate. 
Effortless Investment

Redefining the payment experience in Sub-Saharan Africa

Instant Payments. Brassica Group aims to Pioneer Innovative Solutions for a Secure and Empowered Future for Africa.
We have partnered with leading technology brands and card scheme operators to deliver a seamless and secure financial experience.

A New Investment Experience

Brassica Capital has the strongest conviction that the use of digital platforms for investment will induce, sustain and make easy the culture of investment. 
“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. Recommend this product to beginners and advanced users.”
Tolu Deji

Director of Technology, Creative

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