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This service is designed to be inclusive and versatile, allowing you to accept payments from various mobile money accounts and banks. You can count on receiving the correct payments from your customers every day, and you'll have access to real-time reports detailing your merchant earnings.

The Brassica App offers valuable features for users, allowing them to easily track their spending habits, aiding in better financial planning and discipline. The app's reliability stands out, remaining operational at all times, even for urgent payments during unconventional hours. Notably, the app ensures robust security through advanced technologies, providing customers with round-the-clock protection for their transactions and data.

Experience the advantages of our services: Benefit from competitive fees when you transfer money internationally. Enjoy instant deposits for remittance transactions, ensuring swift access for recipients. Embrace the convenience of sending and receiving money through various bank accounts and mobile money platforms.

Brassica Bulk Payment platform offers flexibility as clients can customize it according to their preferences. It's designed for automation, minimizing manual tasks through APIs that seamlessly integrate with clients' systems, simplifying recipient information input. Additionally, the platform is versatile, allowing payments to recipients across various banks and mobile money providers, making it convenient and inclusive.

Experience instant power bill payments and keep track of your transactions by saving receipts to your gallery and accessing a purchase history. Enjoy the convenience of centralized power purchasing, allowing you to buy electricity for your offline prepaid meter from anywhere.

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1 / 3   Unique Features

Universally Compatible

Accept payments from customers using any mobile money account or from any bank

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2 / 3   Unique Features

Timely Reconciliation

Ensure that all payments made by your customers are received accurately every day.

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3 / 3   Unique Features

Instant Transaction Insights

Access real-time reports detailing all your merchant collections.

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