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Enjoy the real value of digital investment through our carefully developed mobile application, Brassica for all your micro investment needs. It’s a whole new world of convenience in investment only on Brassica.

Round up is a feature that is key to our “Spend & Invest” model, making it effortless.  As you spend daily on the things you love, Round Up ensures that you are contributing a portion of each of your daily transactions towards investment, helping your take control of your future.

It’s investment on – the – go
It’s effortless investment
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Discover a holistic learning journey with Brassica Empower, seamlessly integrated into our offerings. Through this, we prioritize boosting financial literacy, arming customers with vital knowledge for informed choices and successful financial aspirations. Benefit from personalized investment guidance, ensuring secure decision-making at your convenience.

We offer tailored investment solutions: For high-net-worth individuals, we provide closely managed, competitive investment returns. Our services extend to institutional investors, governmental organizations, and NGOs, with managed funds crafted to suit their specific needs.

High-Net-Worth Account/Portfolio Account
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We believe in the power of micro-investment that is why at Brassica Capital, we have redefined and simplified micro-investment so that everyone can invest digitally in a very convenient manner.

Collective Investment Scheme
Alpha Fund is Brassica Capital's mutual fund that helps investors achieve their short and long term financial and investment goals.

Both Individuals and corporate institutions can invest in Alpha Fund.

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1 / 3   Unique Features

Change Round-up

With this type of round-up, each transaction of a client is rounded up to the nearest whole number. The total of the rounded-up figure (cost of item being paying paid for or value of money being sent + all service and statutory charges + rounding amount) is then deducted from the client’s source of fund (the account from which the client will be making payment for the item). The rounding amount is then sent directly and automatically sent into your investment account. This increases your size of your investment and the possibility of getting higher returns.

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2 / 3   Unique Features

Percentage of Transaction Round-up

Under this type of round-up, the client chooses a percentage that will be applied to the value of each transaction. The resulting amount is then added to the total cost of the transaction (including all telecoms and statutory charges) and deducted from the client’s source of fund (the account from which the client will be making payment for the item)

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3 / 3   Unique Features

Turn Off Anytime

Clients have the flexibility of turning off and on the round-up feature on the Brassica App on Brassica Pay, anytime they want to perform a transaction.

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4/ 5   Unique Features

Adjusting Percentage

Clients have the flexibility of adjusting their round-up percentages either upwards or downwards. Follow in-app instructions to adjust.

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5/ 5   Unique Features

Switching Round-up Type

Under this setting, clients on percentage round up can switch to change round-up. Clients on change round-up can also switch to percentage round-up.

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It’s investment on – the – go
It’s effortless investment
It’s simple and easy

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